About Us

Our Mission: 

Enhancing the communicative lives of people affected by neurologic disorders.


To ensure that every person affected by neurologic communication disorders receives the highest quality clinical services.

In order to accomplish this vision, we will:

  • Provide leadership and mentorship to support clinical expertise in neurologic communication disorders;
  • Promote state-of-the-art education of practitioners in neurologic communication disorders;
  • Credential expert speech-language pathologists through board certification in neurologic communication disorders;
  • Develop professional practice documents to guide evidence-based decisions;
  • Address barriers to implementing effective clinical practices and service delivery;
  • Promote research that contributes to better understanding and management of neurologic communication disorders;
  • Establish and support interprofessional collaborations; and
  • Provide resources to clinicians, educators, and scientists working with people affected by neurologic communication disorders.
  • Foster diversity and encourage translation of principles of diversity and inclusion into research and clinical practice.

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