Support ANCDS and help us achieve our mission to enhance the communicative lives of people affected by neurologic disorders!

How will your donation be used?

Donations to ANCDS will be used to support a variety of programs related to achieving our mission, including supporting the annual educational and scientific meeting, the Student Fellowship program, and other ongoing work of the organization. See below for more information on how your donation will be used to support ANCDS initiatives in one or more of these areas.

  • Annual Educational and Scientific Meeting
    Donations will be used to support the costs of hosting the ANCDS annual meeting. Part of ANCDS’s mission is to offer an affordable educational and scientific meeting for anyone with a clinical and/or research interest in neurologic communication disorders. Attendees at the annual meeting are researchers, faculty, clinicians, and students from a variety of fields dedicated to the clinical management of individuals with neurologic communication disorders such as aphasia, apraxia of speech, and dysarthria resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other diseases affecting neurological function.

    Businesses are also invited to partner with ANCDS to help provide relevant continuing education at a reasonable price and to advance the professional goals of our members. More information about the benefits of corporate sponsorship can be found here.

  • Student Fellowship Program
    Donations will be used to provide student fellows with a one-year ANCDS membership, free registration for attendance at the Annual Educational and Scientific Meeting, Fellow-Mentor networking events, and a Student Fellowship social event during the annual meeting.

    The Student Fellowship Program began in 2011. Fellows include full-time speech-language pathology Master’s and Doctoral students and full-time students specializing in clinical neurologically-based communication disorders and sciences enrolled in graduate-level courses. Each student fellow is matched with an ANCDS member who has similar research and clinical interests, who acts as a mentor and offers opportunities to discuss research and clinical issues.

  • Ongoing work of the organization
    Donations will also be used to support the ongoing work of ANCDS’s 11 different committees and boards, which help to achieve the mission of the organization. These committees serve a variety of functions including (but not limited to):

    • implementing the Academy’s program of Board Certification in Neurologic Communication Disorders (BC-ANCDS)
    • accrediting clinical facilities that offer an advanced clinical education program in neurologic communication disorders
    • implementing communication technologies such as website and social media associated with ANCDS business and communication with membership and the public
    • making recommendations regarding the education, training and continuing education of speech-language pathologists providing speech-language pathology services to persons with neurologic communication disorders
    • developing evidence-based writing projects, such as systematic reviews and continuing education products
    • supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in ANCDS and encouraging translation of the principles of race, diversity, equity, and inclusion into research, clinical practice, and clinical training

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