Past ANCDS Student Fellows

The fellowship is open to currently-enrolled, full time speech-language pathology master’s and doctoral students, and other students specializing in clinical neurologically-based communication disorders and sciences (e.g., neuroscience students). Fellows are matched with an ANCDS member who has similar research and clinical interests. The ANCDS member acts as a mentor throughout the day-long Scientific and Business Meeting, introducing the fellows to others and offering opportunities to discuss research and clinical issues. 

2023 ANCDS Student Fellows

Lillian Dennison, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Adele Derendinger, University of Montana
Loubna El Ouardi, University of Maryland
Isabelle Hooker, B.A., Towson Univesity
Courtney Jewell, The Ohio State University
Sophia Kekes-Szabo, B.A., Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Ayelet Kershenbaum, M.S., CCC-SLP, Harvard University
Ryan McCurdy, M.A., CCC-SLP, Vanderbilt University
Christy Thies, California State University, East Bay
Melissa Ugianskis, MPH, Portland State University
Katelyn Urena, B.A., Indiana University Bloomington
Amanda Wadams, M.A., CCC-SLP, University of Connecticut


2022 ANCDS Student Fellows

Fellow Conference Mentor
Julianne Alexander, Indiana University Dr. JoAnn Silkes
Haley Bouchard, University of Washington Mayya Teytel-Cocozza
Allison Buroker, University of North Carolina - Greensboro Dr. Melinda Corwin
Libby Crook Dart, Case Western Reserve University Dr. Mary Jo Hidecker
Amy Kemp, University of Georgia Dr. Melissa Duff
Jade Mitchell, Vanderbilt University Dr. Melissa Johnson
Lucia Pattullo, Temple University Dr. Alexandra Zezinka Durfee
Kathryn Anne Pertab, Brigham Young University Dr. Kimberly Smith
Favio Saabedra, Marquette University Kelly Pena
Kiiya Shibata, Vanderbilt University Dr. Illias Papathansiou
Louisa Suting, University of Connecticut Dr. Mary Purdy
Hasini Weerathunge, Boston University Dr. Lynda Feenaughty


2021 ANCDS Student Fellows

Fellow Conference Mentor
Nicole Campbell, University of Washington Dr. Mary Purdy
Anna Cedoz, Western Michigan University Dr. Brooke Hallowell
Lauren Dunn, Vanderbilt University Dr. Matthew Cohen
Lillian Jarold, University of South Carolina Dr. Margaret Greenwald
Hilary Miller, M.S., CCC-SLP, Boston University Dr. Shannon Sheppard
Sarah Moats, Rush University Dr. Carl Coelho
Kate Nealon, CCC-SLP, Teacher's College, Columbia University Dr. Robert Marshall
Kristen Nunn, M.S., CCC-SLP, MGH Institute of Health Professionals Dr. Jacqueline Hinckley
Yalian Pei, University of Georgia Dr. Janet Patterson
DeAnna Pinnow, University of Kentucky Dr. Carole Roth
Riley Robertson, Brigham Young University Dr. Christina del Toro
Dale Summers, M.S., CCC-SLP, University of Washington Dr. Melinda Corwin
Victoria Tilton-Bolowsky, M.S., CCC-SLP, MGH Institute of Health Professionals Dr. Louise Keegan
Gabriella (Belle) Trevino, New Mexico State University Bethany Rajaratnam


2020 ANCDS Student Fellows

Anne Billot, Boston University
Julia Borsatto, University of Windsor
Robert Cavanaugh, University of Pittsburgh
Kaila Cote, University of New Hampshire
Qiana Dennard, Portland State University
Zoe Ezzes, Vanderbilt University
Sigfus Kristinsson, University of South Carolina
Emily Morrow, Vanderbilt University
Hannah Rowe, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Darbi Ruff, Indiana University – Bloomington
Stacey Sangtian, University of South Carolina
Brenna Scadden, Brigham Young University
Saryu Sharma, East Carolina University
Reva Zimmerman, University of Washington


2019 ANCDS Student Fellows

Fellow Conference Mentor
Defne Abur, Boston University Dr. Edy Strand
Tiniyja Burney, Ohio State University Dr. Ilias Papathanasiou
Vanessa Burshnic, University of South Florida Dr. Brooke Hallowell
Carly Cermak, University of Toronto Dr. Janet Patterson
Hannah Franz, The University of New Hampshire Dr. Carole Roth
Rebecca Goodridge, Vanderbilt University Dr. Melinda Corwin
Lynsey Keator, University of South Carolina Dr. Ellyn Riley
Hana Kim, East Carolina University Dr. Amy Ramage
Allison Lindsay, University of South Florida Dr. Neila Donovan
Jessica Salley, Case Western Reserve University Heather Coles
Anna Saylor, Duquesne University Dr. Melissa Johnson
Michael Scimeca, Boston University Dr. JoAnn Silkes


2018 ANCDS Student Fellows

Fellow Conference Mentor
Laura Cannon, University of Washington Dr. Deryk Beal
Natalie Covington, Vanderbilt University Dr. Brooke Hallowell
Sarah Diehl, Vanderbilt University Dr. Stacie Raymer
Haley Dresang, University of Pittsburgh Dr. Ellyn Riley
Marion Leaman, Columbia University Dr. Jacqueline Lores-Gore
Anya Leyhe, University of Montana Dr. Jackie Stark
Barnali Mazumdar, Louisiana State University Dr. Jose Centeno
Alyssa Rickels, Minnesota State University, Mankato Dr. Carole Roth
Megan Schliep, MGH Institute of Health Professions Dr. JoAnn Silkes
Katerina Tetzloff, University of Massachusetts Amherst Dr. Edy Strand
Kathy Velasco, Lehman College Dr. Jackie Hinckley
Madeline Wollersheim, University of Arizona Dr. Kathleen Youse


2017 ANCDS Student Fellows

Fellow Conference Mentor
Kristen Ackley, Pennsylvania State University Dr. Jose Centeno
Sharice Clough, University of Iowa Dr. Carl Coehlo
Davetrina Gadson, University of Georgia Dr. Travis Threats
Karen Gallagher, Arizona State University Dr. Erin Bush
Ryan Husak, University of Kentucky Dr. Jacqueline Laures-Gore
Veronika Moldovan, New York University Dr. Malcom McNeil
Stephanie Grasso, University of Texas at Austin Dr. Sandra Schneider
Jenni Shafer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Dr. Sarah Wallace
Faith Stagge, Saint Louis University Dr. Edy Strand
Rebecca Stewart, State University of New York- Plattsburg Dr. Adam Jacks