ANCDS Board Certification

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  What is Board Certification?

Board Certification is a way to formally identify your clinical expertise in neurogenic communication disorders.  Board Certification designates that you have advanced knowledge and skills, beyond what is achieved through basic professional certification and licensure.

  Why consider Board Certification?

There are many benefits of Board Certification.  Similar to specialty and board certifications available for other health professionals, ANCDS Board Certification helps you stand out to your employer, consumers, and other professionals.  The path to Board Certification is itself a professional development opportunity, pushing applicants to demonstrate advanced clinical reasoning, professional writing, and knowledge synthesis.  Hear members discuss the impact of certification on their careers.  

"The history of ANCDS reflects a scholarly growth in its contribution to our understanding of those with neurogenic communication disorders and increased our store of knowledge.  I am confident that it will continue to pose relevant questions and continue to stimulate a multidisciplinary interest in the subject.  The ANCDS has made this possible and continued a rigorous support of the best available scholarship. I am proud to have been Board Certified for many years and continue as a Life member of the organization."

~ Martha Taylor Sarno, MA, MD, (hon) CCC-SLP, (Ret) BC-ANCDS
Research Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
NYU School of Medicine

  The Path to Board Certification

Eligibility and How to Apply

Certification Process

Board Certification involves submitting two written case studies and leading an oral presentation and discussion of the cases.  Download your PDF guide to certification.

Questions?  See the FAQ for our most common questions.

Prefer to listen?  Check out the ANCDS Podcast Episode on Board Certification.

Certification Support

Get a sense for the level of detail, clinical reasoning, use of research literature, and review process in these successful samples!

Sample #1: Right Hemisphere Case Study
Sample #2: Dyslexia Case Study

Mentorship.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to participate in mentorship opportunities to provide guidance in anticipation of applying for board certification.

  Board of Clinical Certification Authority