Student Feature: LaToya Roberts

Name: LaToya Roberts
Earned Degree(s)/University: Bachelor of Science Speech-Language Pathology Delta State University
Master of Science Communication Science and Disorders Southern University A & M College
Current University/Degree Pursuing: University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Applied Language & Speech Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Cannito
Area(s) of research, teaching, and/or clinical interest: Motor Speech Disorders, Voice, Neuroscience
Role at ANCDS: Student Representative Communications Committee

LaTaylor Headshot

1. Why did you become an ANCDS member?
Matriculating through my doctoral degree required additional experts assessing and managing individuals with cognitive-communicative disorders. I became a member of ANCDS to establish mentoring relationships and learn from expert clinicians and researchers. Throughout my membership, I have been inspired by the members' work, openness to new ideas, continuing education, and goal of keeping the voices of those with neurologic communication disorders in the light.

2. Why did you become a speech-language pathologist?
I decided to major in Speech-Language Pathology following years of witnessing a lack of resources provided to a family. My uncle was born a typical child; however, at the age of 3, he received a penicillin shot to which he was allergic. For that reason, he became mentally disabled. Of course, this was during the 1960s, but I wonder what communication he may have been able to gain had adequate resources been provided. I encountered a Speech-Language Pathologist later in life, became inquisitive, and decided to research their role and overall scope of practice. Ultimately, I decided to pursue this career to focus on neurologic communication disorders.

3. Why did you join the Communications Committee?
After joining ANCDS, it was essential to build a rich social network and learn from others. The Communications Committee consists of amazing experts who I enjoy collaborating with, ensuring the visibility of ANCDS to members and future members. Joining the Communications Committee has cultivated a profound interest in utilizing multiple social media channels to communicate to student and professional members effectively.

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