Education and Standards Committee Report

Education and Standards Committee

One of the major roles of the Education and Standards Committee is to develop and implement the educational program for the Annual Scientific and Business Meeting. In completing this task for the 2015 meeting in Denver, the committee members (Isabel Hubbard, Diana Petroi, JoAnn Silkes, and myself) discussed several themes. When identifying appropriate themes, the committee took into account themes from previous programs, survey results obtained from 85 attendees from the 2014 meeting, potential presenters from the Colorado regional area, guidance from both the ANCDS president (Stacie Raymer) and the liaison to the committee (Leora Cherney), and the collective knowledge of the committee. The committee chose dual themes: one focusing on the nature, assessment, and treatment of surviving adults with a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Jodi Newman and Lenore Hawley, of Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO, focused on group treatment of social competence in adults with TBI. A second presentation by McKay Moore Sohlberg of the University of Oregon targeted best practices of treatment for mild TBI. The second theme explored quality of life in individuals with neurogenic communication disorders. Katerina Hilari from City University London focused her talk on quality of life in aphasia while Carolyn Baylor of the University of Washington focused on her research regarding quality of life in individuals with motor speech disorders. The Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Association sponsored continuing education for the meeting.

Evaluation of the program by more than 75 attendees of the meeting was overwhelmingly positive, in line with previous meetings. This was the first year the committee decided to provide the presentations of the speakers in digital form prior to the meeting. The presentations were also made available on the ANCDS website to be accessed by all members after the meeting. Based on feedback, next year the digital copies will be provided in a format easier for note taking. The committee is very thankful to the attendees for all the feedback provided, especially regarding future themes for the committee’s consideration. The committee is presently working on theme development for the 2016 meeting in Philadelphia based on this feedback.

The Education and Standards Committee would like to welcome Gail Pashek from the Kansas City, Missouri VA to the committee. Diana Petroi has so graciously agreed to chair the committee for the next two years. The committee would like to thank Leora Cherney, our ANCDS Board liaison, and members of the Board for their guidance and support over the last year.  

Professionally Yours,

Greg Turner

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