Committee Updates - Spring 2019

Committee Updates

Evidence-Based Clinical Research Committee:
2018 was a busy year for the Evidence-Based Clinical Research Committee, as no doubt 2019 will prove to be as well!  New writing chairs Edwin Maas (Apraxia of Speech; AOS), Peter Meulenbroek (Traumatic Brain Injury; TBI), and Jamie Mayer, (Aphasia), joined Laura Murray (Committee Chair) and writing chairs, Maya Henry (Progressive Neurogenic Communication Disorders), Deanna Britton (Dysarthria), and Peggy Lehman-Blake (Right Hemisphere Disorders) on the committee.

In terms of projects, the Aphasia Writing Group celebrated the acceptance of their systematic review regarding reading intervention for aphasia for publication in Aphasiology, and have begun two new projects, one appraising auditory comprehension interventions for individuals with moderate to severe aphasia, and one examining physical activity as an adjunct intervention for aphasia.  The Dysarthria Writing Group has a number of critical appraisals underway, including systematic reviews of velopharyngeal interventions and respiratory/phonatory interventions for individuals with neurodegenerative diseases.  With data extraction and study quality ratings very near completion, the Progressive Neurogenic Communication Disorders Writing Group is looking forward to working on the manuscript for their systematic review of behavioural interventions for primary progressive aphasia and primary progressive apraxia of speech.  The TBI Writing Group submitted two manuscripts in 2018, which are currently in the review and revision process, pertaining to social communication assessment and treatment; they also are working on projects related to (a) social communication theories and their application to individuals with TBI and (b) return to work after TBI.  Two systematic reviews are underway for the Right Hemisphere Disorders Writing Group: one is examining patterns of symptom co-occurrence with aprosodia and one is focusing on lesion locations associated with aprosodia.  The AOS Writing Group is also working on two projects.  They are completing a systematic review pertaining to the differential diagnosis of developmental AOS versus other pediatric speech disorders, and presented preliminary findings from this project at the 2018 ASHA Convention.  Concurrently they are working on developing practice guidelines for AOS in adults.

So watch for the products of these Writing Groups’ efforts throughout the upcoming year!

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