ANCDS Support for Black Lives and Commitment to Diversity

ANCDS Support for Black Lives

For centuries, our communities have been affected by systemic racism.  In recent times, racism has led to police brutality against Black people, and over the last several months we have witnessed a powerful nationwide response to these injustices.  In response to this call to action, ANCDS supports fair and equal treatment of Black lives and unequivocally denounces racism or discrimination of any kind.  To any member of ANCDS who has been marginalized or experienced racism and discrimination firsthand, you have our support and our assurance that you are an important and valued part of our community.

ANCDS Commitment to Diversity

In recognition of the racial disparities brought most recently to the public’s attention by the Black Lives Matter movement, ANCDS reaffirms its commitment to fairness and equity in all aspects of our organization.  We welcome members and support individuals with neurologic communication disorders regardless of color, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, religious beliefs, culture, or disability.

We vow to embrace and value diversity among the members of our organization, as well as among individuals with neurologic communication disorders.  Embracing diversity within our organization provides us with opportunities to learn from one another which will increase the impact we have on our profession.  Embracing diversity also reinforces our mission of Enhancing the communicative lives of people affected by neurologic disorders by strengthening our understanding of concepts necessary to communication such as family and vocational roles, gender roles and identity, emotional well-being, and spirituality, all of which can vary significantly among individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.

As an organization focused on communication, we know that words are sometimes not enough.  Simply denouncing racism and discrimination will not strengthen diversity and inclusion within our organization, we must also actively deconstruct racist beliefs and support a better understanding of diverse cultures and beliefs.  To that end, in order to support our commitment to diversity, ANCDS will include more educational opportunities in the form of webinars and podcasts that focus on understanding and providing services to culturally and linguistically diverse populations.  Additionally, ANCDS will establish a committee, focused on diversity and inclusion within the organization and the profession, that will support our mission.  We encourage anyone who may be interested in serving on this committee to respond to the forthcoming call for committee members and ideas.

Diversity is important to ANCDS and we will strive to assure that all members of our community feel supported and valued by our organization.

- ANCDS 2020 Executive Board

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