ANCDS Board Certification Interview with Emily Cook

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1. What motivated you to pursue ANCDS board certification?

Since I started my career, I have focused primarily on the assessment and management of cognitive-communication disorders in the pediatric and adult populations following acquired brain injury. I pursued the ANCDS board certification to highlight my interest and skill in this area, reflect on my clinical decision-making while incorporating evidence-based practice, and become a certified member of an organization that is dedicated to better understanding this population that warrants highly individualized treatment.

2. What advantages do you see for yourself as an ANCDS board certified speech-language Pathologist?

I hope to continue my development and learning through the rigorous continuing education requirements, and ultimately provide my department with increased knowledge to improve patient care and outcomes. Specifically, I am looking forward to participating in more conferences and networking opportunities dedicated to treating patients with neurogenic communication disorders to continue growing my clinical practice. The certification will additionally be able to be utilized for my clinical career ladder at my facility.

3. Tell us about the case studies you chose.

My initial case study outlined the complex hospital course and management of an 18-year-old male following anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. He was admitted to my facility’s Disorders of Consciousness program, and his progress was further complicated by challenging behaviors and agitation as he emerged from a minimally conscious state. The case involved individualized, somewhat unconventional treatment methods given the nature of his cognitive-communication profile.

My second case highlighted the assessment and treatment of a young adult male with severe non-fluent aphasia following a traumatic brain injury, further complicated by multiple strokes. Treatment involved trials of multiple evidenced-based methods targeting a variety of language domains.

4. What advice do you have for others who are considering ANCDS board certification?

Stick with it! It is a lengthy process, but a wonderful learning opportunity that additionally allows you to network and interacts with a variety of highly-skilled, knowledgeable SLPs.

5. How long was the process for you from start to finish?

Just about a year long.

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