New Member Feature: Ignatius Nip

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Current Title/Position: Associate Professor and Interim Director for SLHS (department chair)

Workplace: San Diego State University, California

How did you become interested in neurogenic communication disorders? 

When I was an SLP, I had a large number of children with cerebral palsy on my caseload.  The parents of these students really wanted to help their child improve and would investigate therapies, including alternative therapies with no evidence.  I would try to find scientific evidence or EBP guidelines to provide these families with more information about what I was doing as a clinician but I quickly realized there really wasn't a lot.  This was in the early 2000s, though, so I think things have improved, though we definitely have a long way to go too.

What is your area of interest related to neurogenic communication disorders? 

I am really interested in motor control in people with dysarthria, particularly children with cerebral palsy, though I've recently also started some work with adults with Parkinson's disease and deep-brain stimulation and people with oropharyngeal cancer

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I, like many others, adopted a dog during the pandemic so I like spending time with her.  I also started learning to play the flute during the pandemic (I considered the violin but I thought I'd be nice to my neighbors).  I played piano and guitar when I was younger and I'm enjoying learning how to play a new instrument.  I also play in an outdoor kickball league.

Who is someone who has been a mentor to you in your professional life and why? 

I have been lucky to have many who have mentored and inspired me, including Dr. Megan Hodge who got me interested in pediatric dysarthria in my master's degree, Dr. Jordan Green who was my doctoral mentor, and many of my colleagues at SDSU.  

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