ANCDS Student Fellow Spotlight: Kathryn-Anne Pertab

Name: Kathryn-Anne Pertab
Earned Degree(s): B.S. in Communication Disorders
Program of study/Year in program: M.S. in Communication Disorders, second year
Mentor/Advisor: Dr. Tyson Harmon
University: Brigham Young University
ANCDS Fellowship Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Smith
Area(s) of research, teaching, and/or clinical interest: counseling role of speech-language pathologists, the psychosocial impact of communication disorders on individuals and their families


1. Why were you interested in the ANCDS conference fellow program?

I was interested in the ANCDS conference fellow program because I was excited to meet people with similar interests to me.  I looked forward to learning from people with experience in neurologic communication disorders. 

2. What did you enjoy about the ANCDS conference fellow program?

I had the most wonderful mentor, Dr. Kimberly Smith.  I had a great time getting to know her and learning more about her research.  All the presentations were incredible!  It was so amazing to learn from experts on right hemisphere disorders.  I also really appreciated the luncheon and other opportunities during the conference to mingle and network with other professionals. 

3. Why would you recommend the ANCDS conference fellow program to future students?

I would recommend the ANCDS conference fellow program to future students because it is a wonderful networking opportunity.  I met so many fantastic people through this program, who I hope to stay in touch with throughout my career.

4. Describe your current research and/or clinical work.

My thesis advisor and I are conducting a pilot study of Relationship-Centered Communication Partner Training.  The aims of this program are to support communication surrounding marital roles and responsibilities, as well as provide a natural context for counseling moments for married couples impacted by aphasia.  Through the qualitative data collected from this study, we hope to develop this program to become an effective treatment approach for addressing both communication impairments and psychosocial impacts of aphasia.

 Kathryn Anne Pertab
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