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Volume 16 | Issue 2

Spring 2018

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  1. Congratulations to Nina Simmons-Mackie!
  2. Member Spotlight: Kelly Knollman-Porter
  3. 2018 Annual Meeting: Save the Date!
  4. 2017 Annual Meeting Lecture Recordings
  5. Apply for a Fellowship Award
  6. Member Accomplishments

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- Encourages professional growth through the continuing education required for maintenance of board certification

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Upcoming Conferences

Jun. 21: Communiversity Conference (Philadelphia, PA)

Jun. 23-27: Academy Health Annual Research Meeting (Seattle, WA)

Sep. 14-15: Eleanor M. Saffran Conference on the Cognitive Neuroscience and Rehabilitation of Communication Disorders (Philadelphia, PA)

Nov. 14: 2018 ANCDS Scientific and Business Meeting (Boston, MA)

Upcoming Live Webinars

Jun. 26: High definition fiber tracking and semantic feature analysis treatment for naming in aphasia (Registration is full.)

Sep. 14: Return to work and workplace interventions for persons with TBI

Dec. 6: Collaborative intervention planning for people with aphasia and their speech-language pathologists

On Demand CE Offerings

Sep. 2017: Principles of Neuroplasticity and Motor Learning: Implications for Neurorehabilitation

Dec. 2017: Treatment for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: Overview of Evidence-Based Approaches

Public Podcasts

Ep. 12: A Conversation with Jacqueline Laures-Gore and Rebecca Marshall - Integrative Health Approaches and Rehabilitation

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Congratulations to Nina Simmons-Mackie, PhD, BC-ANCDS!


Congratulations to Nina Simmons-Mackie, PhD, BC-ANCDS, this year's recipient of The Robin Tavistock Award for her dedication to improving the lives of people with aphasia!  Henrietta Bedford and Nicole Campbell graciously traveled to the 2018 Clinical Aphasiology Conference to present Nina Simmons-Mackie with this prestigious award.  Of note, Nina is the first American recipient of this important award.  More information about this award and Nina's contributions are available on the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia website:

Member Spotlight: Kelly Knollman-Porter, PhD, CCC-SLP

In each newsletter, we will feature an ANCDS member.  This quarter we're talking with Kelly Knollman-Porter, PhD, CCC-SLP, an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Speech Pathology & Audiology and Director of the Concussion Management Program at Miami University. 

ANCDS: Please tell us about the Miami University Concussion Management Program.

Kelly Knollman-Porter (KKP): The Miami University Concussion Management Program is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who recognize that every concussion sustained by an athlete is serious.  We also acknowledge that each concussion, as well as every student athlete is unique and therefore should receive individualized pre- and post-injury care based on their specific challenges and strengths.

As director of the concussion management program, I coordinate all neurocognitive baseline and post-concussion testing protocols.  Specifically I supervise specially trained graduate students in speech language pathology while they conduct testing procedures.  In addition, I interpret all testing data, educate the athletes regarding assessment outcomes, and make recommendations for the use of individualized supports and strategies following the injury to help the athlete best manage the symptoms and neurocognitive changes associated with the concussion.

ANCDS: How did the program begin?

KKP: The Miami University Concussion Management Program began in 1999 through the efforts of my colleagues, Stephen Dailey, M.D. and Fofi Constantinidou, Ph.D., with the goal to provide a multidisciplinary team approach to the education, diagnosis, management, and prevention of the neurocognitive and physical sequelae resulting from sports-related concussions. The program has grown over the years secondary to open communication and a willingness to understand each discipline's role and responsibility in the management of concussion. (Continue reading)

Join us in Boston for the 2018 Annual Meeting!

Save the date!  ANCDS is proud to announce the 2018 Scientific and Business Meeting on November 14 in Boston, MA.  Our theme this year is Advances in Neurological Rehabilitation with a focus on neuroplasticity and the use of technology during recovery from aphasia and motor speech disorders.

The Education and Standards Committee has convened an expert group of clinician-scientists to present the most recent research findings and advances in clinical application that will appeal to clinicians and researchers alike.  Our invited speakers will provide updates on neuroplasticity across the age range, neuroplasticity and rehabilitation in recovery from aphasia, and the use of technology and engineering principles to assess and treat motor speech disorders.  The goal is to promote a rich dialogue regarding advances in neurological rehabilitation that may improve and maximize treatment outcomes in aphasia and motor speech disorders.  We are delighted to welcome you to Boston and look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Scientific and Business Meeting.  More info coming soon!

2018 Annual Meeting Silver Sponsorsimucase

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2017 Annual Meeting Lecture Recordings Now Available!

Whether you missed the 2017 ANCDS Annual Meeting or just want to view the lectures again, the recordings are now available so you can have on-demand access!  Recordings expire November 7, 2018.

Continuing Education Offering #1:
Emerging Brain Imaging Methods for Assessing Normal and Abnormal Cognitive Function
Speaker: Mark D'Esposito, MD

The Translation of the Science of Traumatic Brain Injury: From Bench to Bedside and Back
Speaker: David Hovda, PhD

Click here for more info and to order.

Continuing Education Offering #2:
Concussion and Speech-Language Pathology: The State of the State
Speaker: Kathy Hardin, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIST

Click here for more info and to order.

Apply for an ANCDS Fellowship Award!

The ANCDS Membership Committee is pleased to announce that awards will be offered for twelve (12) students to attend the ANCDS Fall 2018 Conference in Boston, MA.  Start-up funds for the original awards offered in 2011 were contributed by Dr. Lawrence Shriberg, keynote speaker for the 2010 ANCDS Fall Conference, who donated his honorarium back to the ANCDS.  Funds to sustain the program continue to be provided by the ANCDS Executive Board and through donations from ANCDS members.

The 2018 competition is open to currently-enrolled, full time speech-language pathology master's and doctoral students, and other students specializing in clinical neurologically-based communication disorders and sciences (e.g., neuroscience students).  Students do not need to be members of the ANCDS to apply for the ANCDS Fellowship Award.  Students who are not members of the ANCDS are encouraged to apply.

The 2018 ANCDS Fellowship Awards include the following:

  • a one-year ANCDS Membership for the 2019-2020 membership year, 
  • free registration for attendance at the 2018 ANCDS Conference, 
  • an invitation to attend a Fellow-Mentor Networking Breakfast the morning of the 2018 ANCDS Conference,
  • a complimentary ticket for the 2018 ANCDS Conference Luncheon, and
  • a Fellow-Mentor reception at the 2018 ANCDS Conference.

The application deadline is Friday, September 14, 2018 at 5:00pm (EST).  Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.  Applicants will receive an email confirming successful submission.  Students will receive notification about the awards by Friday, October 5, 2018 at 5:00pm (EST).

Click here for rules, requirements, and to apply today!

Member Accomplishments

Burshnic, V. L., Douglas, N. F., & Barker, R. M. (2018). Employee Attitudes Toward Aggression in Persons with Dementia: Readiness for Wider Adoption of Person-Centered Frameworks. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 25(3), 176-187.

Conner, P. S., Goral, M., Anema, I., Borodkin, K., Haendler, Y., Knoph, M., Mustelier, C., Paluska, E., Melnikova, Y., Moeyaert, M. (2018). The role of language proficiency and linguistic distance in cross-linguistic treatment effects in aphasia. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 1-19. DOI: 10.1080/02699206.2018.1435723

Tetzloff KA, Graff-Radford J, Martin PR, Tosakulwong N, Machulda MM, Duffy JR. et al. Regional distribution, asymmetry, and clinical correlates of tau update on [18F]AV-1451 PET in atypical Alzheimer's disease. J Alzheimer's Disease, 2018. 62: 1713-1724. DOI: 10.3233/JAD-170740.

Jean Gordon received an ASH Foundation award for a project entitled "Fluency Forward: Developing a More Reliable and Clinically Useful Assessment of Fluency in Aphasia". Please see:

Jean Gordon, Megan Young & Carly Garcia (2017): Why do older adults have difficulty with semantic fluency?. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition. DOI:10.1080/13825585.2017.1374328

Rik Lemoncello, PhD, CCC-SLP and Marcia Frost, MS, CCC-SLP were awarded a $30,000 grant from the HEDCO Foundation to purchase and use endoscopy equipment and a simulation training mannequin to help SLP students learn about FEES and stroboscopy at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR.

A book by Christy Ludlow, Raymond Kent, and Lincoln Gray entitled Measuring Voice, Speech and Swallowing in the Clinic and Laboratory, 566 pages, was published by Plural Publishing in March 2018. It covers methods for measuring and studying voice, speech and swallowing such as acoustics, perception, kinematics and imaging, electromyography and electrophysiology, functional and structural brain imaging, electrical and magnetic neurostimulation, air pressure and flow, respirarion and recommendations for testing voice, speech and swallowing disorders in the clinic and while conducting clinical trials.

Principal Investigator, Nadine Martin, Co-investigators: Gayle DeDe, Beth Levine. 1R01DC016094-01 "Translation and Clinical Implementation of a Test of Language and Short-term Memory in Aphasia." 12/1/18-11/30/2022. The goal of this grant is to translate a laboratory developed diagnostic instrument for aphasia to a version that can be used in the clinic and to test its effectiveness in that context.

Martin, N., Minkina, I., Kohen, P., & Kalinyak-Fliszar, M. (in press). Assessment of linguistic and verbal short-term memory components of language abilities in aphasia. Journal of Neurolinguistics.

Minkina, I., Martin, N., Spencer, K., & Kendall, D. L. (2018). Links between short-term memory and word retrieval in aphasia. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 27, 379-391.

Peach, R.K., Schenk, K.A., Nathan, M.R., & Beck, K.M. (2018). Construct validity, external validity, and reliability for a battery of languages-specific attention tasks. Aphasiology, 32(6), 618-645.

Pena A., Dumkrieger G, Berisha V, Ross K, Chong CD, and Schwedt TJ. (2018, June). Association between pain catastrophizing, depression, and anxiety with symptom severity in persistent post-traumatic headache vs. migraine. Accepted for poster presentation to the 60th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society, San Francisco, CA.

Howard L, Dumkrieger G, Berisha V, Ross K, Chong CD, and Schwedt TJ. (2018, June). Symptoms of autonomic dysfunction in persistent post-traumatic headache vs. migraine. Accepted for platform presentation to the 60th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society, San Francisco, CA.

Bialunska, A & Salvatore, AP presented at Brain Injury Across the Age Spectrum: Improving Outcomes for Children and Adults, NABIA Conference, Houston, TX March 14-17, 2018. The talk was titled "Improvement in Auditory Comprehension Reaction Time Following a Sport-Related Concussion Is Linked to Visual Processing Abilities and Visual-Motor Speed."

Spencer, Kristie was promoted from Associate Professor to Full Professor (effective September 2018).

Stark, Jacqueline was elected Chair of the NGO Committee on Ageing in the UN in Vienna at the end of January 2018. Stark is also the Austrian representative in the UN in Vienna for the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) (Main office in Toronto, Canada). Members of the NGO Committee on Ageing are all the international NGOs involved in issues related to ageing.

Strong, K. A., Lagerwey, M. D., Shadden, B. B. (2018). More than a story: My life came back to life. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 27, 464-476.

Utianski RL, Duffy JR, Savica R, Whitwell JL, Machulda MM, Josephs KA. Molecular neuroimaging in primary progressive aphasia with predominant agraphia. Neurocase, 2018. DOI: 10.1080/13554794.2018.1454963

Bitan,T Simic T Saverino C, Jones C, Wiseman-Hakes C, Glazer J, Collela B, Green R, Rochon E. Changes in resting state connectivity following melody-based therapy in a patient with aphasia. J Neural Plasticity Volume (2018). Article ID 6214095, 13 pages


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