Past ANCDS Fellows are raving about their experience in the program!

"The ANCDS fellow program is an amazing opportunity for students to connect with experts in our field and learn from them in a setting outside of the classroom.  Being able to converse and learn about different journeys throughout our field is eye-opening.  You never know who you will meet and how they might change your outlook, plans, or clinical practice!  ANCDS is filled with knowledgeable, wise, seasoned clinicians who are open to sharing their experiences and collaborating.  On top of that, everyone I met at ANCDS was kind and happy to chat.  It's also a great opportunity to meet other students who have their own interests/research experiences.  I had such thought-provoking conversations with other students and look forward to staying in touch as we finish our Master's/PhD programs.  I can't say enough good about the experience."
- Madeline Wollersheim, Master's Student at University of Arizona, 2018 ANCDS Fellow

"The opportunity to be paired with a mentor with similar research interests was extremely helpful and allowed me to learn more about the organization, as well as take part in a highly engaging research day.  From the welcome breakfast and luncheon, to the business meeting, to informal conversations throughout the day, I was able to learn about logistical aspects of the organization, as well as fellow members' research and future work."
- Megan Schliep, MA, CCC-SLP, MPH, Doctoral Student at MGH Institute of Health Professions, 2018 ANCDS Fellow

Apply today!

About the ANCDS Fellowship Awards: The 2019 program is open to full-time speech-language pathology Master's and Doctoral students enrolled in graduate-level courses during the Spring 2019 semester, and full-time students specializing in clinical neurologically-based communication disorders and sciences (e.g., neuroscience, linguistics) enrolled in graduate-level courses during the Spring 2019 semester. 

Students do not need to be members of the ANCDS to apply; non-members are encouraged to apply.  Students who have previously received an ANCDS Fellowship Award (either as a Master's or Doctoral student) are not eligible to apply. 

Visit the ANCDS website to learn more about the program, requirements, benefits, and to submit your application.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jessica Brown, PhD, CCC-SLP, Chair of the ANCDS Fellowship Award Committee, at [email protected]or Anne Lacher, ANCDS Member Specialist & Office Manager, at [email protected]