Dear Colleagues:

The Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS) is the premier professional organization for speech-language pathologists specializing in neurologic communication disorders.  Our mission is to "enhance the communicative lives of people affected by neurologic disorders."  As a means for accomplishing this mission, we offer our members an array of clinical and research-related resources, as well as opportunities for continuing education, foremost among these being our annual scientific meeting.  I am writing to you to invite you to join us in these efforts by becoming a sponsor for our annual meeting, and/or our student fellowship program.

ANCDS consists of approximately 350 members from all over the world, and our website receives approximately 9000 page views per year from all over the world.  Our annual scientific meeting draws an international audience of approximately 150 clinicians, researchers, educators, and students each year.  We provide fellowships to support students' participation in the annual meeting, which includes providing them with mentoring before, during, and after the meeting by volunteers from the Academy.  As a result, we offer professional and industry leaders, such as yourselves, a targeted audience to whom you can promote your products and services, as well as a means for contributing to the growth and development of the profession.  Your support is needed to allow ANCDS to continue to provide important opportunities for networking, sharing of ideas and tips, and accessing educational materials and programs.  In a nutshell, your participation is key to our continued success.

We are offering sponsorship packages that provide multiple options and levels to fit with your personal and/or promotional goals.  Whether you are a member of the Academy or provide services or products as an individual or as a company, these packages offer a variety of choices to fit your needs.

We invite you to review the 2019 Advertising and Sponsorship Package and to consider signing on as a supporter of ANCDS for 2019.  With your help, ANCDS will continue to grow and be the organization to which all practitioners will turn to assist them in providing services to individuals with neurologic communication disorders.

Please feel free to contact the ANCDS office with any questions or for more information.  Thank you for your consideration and support.


Linda I. Shuster, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
President, ANCDS